We aim to promote and provide an appealing, cozy and engaging space, in a rural environment that provides comfort, tranquility and rest. At the same time, we intend to provide activities to customers, guaranteeing integrated and flexible services and services, based on the exploitation of the potential of a region, promoting the reconciliation between tourism, sport and leisure. Our goal is to provide you with more than one stay, extending your experience to unique experiences in a landscape environment in which the rural and urban areas harmoniously marry, and the “land and the sea” are almost one and still benefit a truly enriching historical-cultural aspect (Castle, Museums, Churches, Monuments).


Social responsibility is very present in our way of being, in all our actions there is a special care and respect for the environment, culture, people, traditions, uses and customs. One example is the fact that we occupy vacant buildings, contributing to urban redevelopment, always taking care to preserve the old features of the buildings, cooperating with the local socioeconomic development.


More than offering a stay ... creating memories!

Let yourself be transported to an environment where tranquility, harmony, peace and warmth of the "people" of the land prevail make your experience unforgettable! Spaces created for you and thinking of you!

We aim for a quality of service that excites being a creator and enhancer of experiences, more than a stay we intend to be a “factory of memories”, that makes you want to return and bring “someone with you”.