Privileged location, five minutes away from a wide variety of leisure options, but inserted in a typical village of former fishermen where art is still practiced today by some of the inhabitants. The architectural feature is of a rural environment and public spaces of old times such as daughters-in-law have been preserved; fountains and fountains that brought drinking water to the population; community tanks where the clothes of yore were washed, having also acted as a meeting point, socializing and therapy; the small houses, characteristic of the social extract of other times, with small windows that still let in the smell of typical food and bread coming out of the wood oven in some homes. Thus, we invite you to visit the village as well, to walk through the narrow streets and to let yourself be transported to distant times, to live with the friendly, humble and humble locals, who will welcome you with a smile in each “Good morning” given to them. The gastronomy is since very enriched by the most beautiful lagoon in Portugal (http://www.freguesiavau.com/Gastronomia) and you can taste it calmly in the accommodation (if requested by our client the meal will be delivered to your home) or savored at Local restaurant Covão dos Musaranhos enjoying the magnificent landscape of Lagoa. Come and visit this place by passing some in our accommodation, enjoying only good times! Memories that will accompany you .... and ... the desire to return.

"Full of sunshine and good weather, the West is a constant box of surprises that offers you a little bit of everything: museums and fascinating monuments, delicious cuisine with a sea flavor, places full of history and some of the best surf destinations of the world. "

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Vau- the Village


Lagoon enclosure

Cortiço River

Old water fountain

Vau's Church

Vau's Church

Wheel fountain

St Antonio Mine

Leisure area

Fountain - Vau

Óbidos Lagoon

Poça d'Albufeira

Óbidos- The Village